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For warm air breakdowns within driving distance of Hungerford, Berkshire, call or text me on 

07866 766364 

Johnson and Starley Repairs

Welcome to my site for Johnson and Starley warm air heaters and boilers. Although named after the only UK manufacturer of warm air, this site has evolved into a discussion of lots of matters to do with warm air, not just Johnson and Starley specifically. 

I repair boilers for a living including warm air, and my goal is always to get yours fixed and working again - assuming that is why you landed here in the first place. I can visit and fix most warm air boilers if you are within driving distance of me in in west Berkshire, but if you are too far away, I’m happy to advise as best I can. 

These days a text message suits me best as phone calls take up a lot more time. I can conduct several text conversations in the same amount of time as a single phone conversation, but if a problem is awkward or complex, then a phone conversation it is! My number is 07866 766364

Links to the left (or behind the “Menu” button) cover lots of warm air-related subjects and include specific pages for the more common models of warm air boiler. Have a look through and contact me, especially if you have been told yours is obsolete, can’t be fixed and you have to convert to radiators. You don’t, converting to radiators is never the only option!


07866 766364

Johnson and Starley Warmcair high efficiency condensing gas boiler

A recently installed Johnson & Starley “Warmcair” high efficiency condensing warm air gas boiler in a house near Oxford, built in 1980 

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